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October 17, 2011

By EMMA UJAH Abuja Bureau Chief

ABUJA – Bureau of Public Procurement, BPP, has saved N316 billion from inflated contracts between January last year and last month, its Director-General , Engr, Emeka Eze, said, weekend.

In an interactive session with newsmen, in Abuja, he said: “Reviewing the many projects from the MDAs (Ministries, Agencies and Departments) ahead of possible award of Certificate of ‘No Objection’, we have often made significant reductions from the original proposals from the MDAs.

”In January 2010 to March 2011, financial year, for instance, N216 billion was saved from all projects reviewed in that fiscal year.  Between March 2011 and last September, close to N100 billion was also saved from reviews, while more of such savings will be made as this financial year progresses”.

He  said five per cent of elites were trying to frustrate the government procurement reform and that the rest mass of Nigerians must not allow that to happen.

“The elite is less than 5 per cent of the total population but controls 95 per cent of the nation’s resources”, he said, adding, “we are determined to making the public procurement reform work, in spite of the opposition by corrupt people.

He said some MDAs deliberately delay the commencement of procurement processes till the end of the year in other to stampede the system but vowed that his team would not allow them.

“As the year is about to end now, what you will hear is that BPP is delaying the implementation of the budget.  You will see MDAs advertising for contracts even in October.  It means they don’t want to implement such projects this year because we will ensure they follow due process.

The question is what have they being doing since the beginning of the year that they are now just advertising from jobs at this time.  We know their game.  It won’t work,” he vowed.