S.N. Nyeck

I hold a Ph.D.(2013) in Political Science from the University of California Los Angeles and will be joining Clarkson University this fall (2013) as a faculty. I am also a  research Fellow at the Institute for Humane Studies. My research focuses on public procurement reforms and entrepreneurship in the public sector. I am particularly interested in the history of public entrepreneurship in Africa and in the ways in which African states respond to emerging legal discourses and procurement practices promoted by the  UN, the WTO, the EU and OECD countries. My goal in creating this blog is to share knowledge, information, and expertise with researchers and civil society interested in public sector management and entrepreneurship in Africa. I wish to highlight multi methods, multidisciplinary, and comparative approaches to increasing our understanding of the complex dynamics at work in the management of the public sector.

I am also interested in thinking about  how procurement practices could attend to linkages between economic and non-economic needs of developing states. The connection between economic and non-economic needs of states broadens the scope of  public procurement to include  tangible and intangible outcomes  within society. Such a connection is necessary because it contributes to understanding  how procurement practices indirectly affect economic development and eventually become the basis of contentious politics in developing countries. Contentious politics in this area often  highlight government responsiveness toward groups and issues that have been historically absent from public and political debates. In thinking about the various dimensions of government contracting, my goal is to attend to  the missing links between law, corporate entrepreneurship, and politics in the global debate over public procurement reform.

My educational background includes Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania (B.A.,  High Honors), LaGuardia Community College in New York City  (A.A., Honors), and legal studies at the University of Yaounde II, Cameroon.

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