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Buyer Spend Activity and Procurement Behaviors and Strategies in the Airport Industry – 2011-2012: Survey Intelligence


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NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — announces
that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Buyer Spend Activity and Procurement Behaviors and Strategies in the Airport
Industry – 2011-2012: Survey Intelligence.

Accessed report here.


Analysis of opinions drawn from leading airport industry executives

Analysis on how procurement expenditure, business strategies and practices in
the airport industry are set to change in 2011-2012

Analysis on spending plans, budget allocations, challenges and investment
opportunities of purchase decision makers


This report is the result of an extensive survey drawn from ICD Research’s
exclusive panel of leading airport industry executives. It analyzes how
procurement expenditure, business strategies and practices are set to change in
the airport industry in 2011-12. This report gives you access to the
category-level spending outlooks, budgets, supplier selection criteria, business
challenges and investment opportunities for leading purchase decision makers.
The report also identifies future growth of buyers and suppliers and
e-procurement. This report not only grants access to the opinions and strategies
of business decision makers and competitors, but also examines their actions
surrounding business priorities. The report also provides access to information
categorized by region, company type and size.


The opinions and forward looking statements of XXXX industry executives have
been captured in our in-depth survey, of which XX% represent Director and
C-level respondents.

The research is based on primary survey research conducted by ICD Research
accessing its B2B panels comprised of senior purchase decision makers and
leading supplier organizations.

The geographical scope of the research is global – drawing on the activity
and expectations of leading industry players across the Americas, Europe,
Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle East.

Key topics covered include buyer expenditure activity, procurement behaviors
and strategies, threats and opportunities, economic outlook and business

In the report, buyers identify what suppliers need to do to maintain their
business and the key actions being taken by industry players to overcome the
leading business threats.

The report examines current practices and provides future expectations for
the industry over the next 12-24 months.

Reasons To Buy

This report will help you to drive revenues by understanding future product
investment areas and growth regions.

This report will help you to formulate effective sales and marketing
strategies by identifying how buyer budgets are changing and the direction of
spend in the future.

This report will help you to better promote your business by aligning your
capabilities and business practices with your customer’s changing needs.

This report will help you to secure stronger customer relationships by
understanding the leading business concerns and changing strategies of industry

This report will help you to predict how the industry will grow, consolidate
and where it will stagnate.

This report will help you to uncover the business outlook, key challenges and
opportunities identified by suppliers and buyers.

New Research Gives Insight into the Procurement Practices of the Top 100 US Public Companies

The Sacramento Bee

By Trading Partners

October 27, 2011

CHICAGO, Oct. 27, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ — TradingPartners (, the leader in spend management and visibility technology and services, today released research showing the spend management and sustainable supply chain practices of Fortune 100 companies.  The study showed that while almost half of the top public companies cited spend management as a key strategic objective, only four have a Chief Procurement Officer.  The research results also illustrate that:

  • Only 20% of companies have board members with procurement or supply chain backgrounds.
  • The most successful companies have advanced sourcing tools.
  • Companies that include suppliers in their corporate, social and environmental responsibilities (CSER) programs, tend to have a higher net income margin than those who do not.
  • Despite CSER being a success factor for many companies, only seven Fortune 100s have a Chief Sustainability Officer.
  • 35% of CEOs see emerging markets as a key strategic objective, yet only 15% have executives from BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries on their senior management team.

The study “Procurement Practices: What Every Company Needs to Know About Spend Management Practices in Fortune 100 Companies” was officially released today in conjunction with TradingPartners’ first annual procurement forum in Chicago.  The event hosts C-level executives focusing on innovation in spend management and visibility, as well as sustainable supply chain best practices.

“Our objective with this research was to determine the best practices in both spend and sustainable supply chain management among the top companies in the country,” said Mark Barnekow, Chief Executive Officer of TradingPartners.  “We were astonished to discover that many companies are not taking full advantage of the tools they have, nor are they making serious commitments at the board or executive level to focus on managing spend.”

A slideshow summary of the study can be found at, while the full version of the research is available on request

About TradingPartners

Based in Chicago, with European headquarters in London, and operations in Africa, Asia and Latin and South America, TradingPartners provides growing companies and global Fortune 500 firms with the most comprehensive and effective spend management and visibility technologies and services.  With a global vertical focus in foodservice, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, retail and services industries, TradingPartners assists its customers to reduce the cost of their direct and indirect purchases with tangible results often in the 10-25% range.  TradingPartners’ unparalleled domain expertise, comprehensive supplier database, and robust spend management technology platform have helped hundreds of corporations and public sector entities achieve dramatic business process improvements and tangible cost savings.  For more information, visit

TradingPartners and its respective logos are trademarks of TradingPartners Ltd.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

SOURCE TradingPartners.

Millennium Surgical Provides Services and Support to CURE International’s Zambian Surgical Program

Surgical Instruments made in Sialkot
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NARBERTH, Pa., Aug. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Millennium Surgical Corp has served as a versatile, knowledgeable source of high-quality specialty surgical instruments for more than 23 years.  The company leverages an outstanding base of industry expertise and a broad vendor pool to save its hospital and surgical facility clients time and money through the purchase ofsurgical instruments, while assuring a fit to strict surgeon preferences.

Millennium’s president Robert Edelstein was contacted by Claire Larsen of CURE International this past December.  Claire is involved in the procurement of medical and surgical equipment for the organization’s hospital projects in Africa.  Claire’s sourcing needs can vary from an individual surgical instrument; to sets of instruments; to potentially stocking a whole new surgical program.

A recent project for a spine and neurosurgical program in Zambia included more than 10 very specialized instrument sets.  The facility’s surgeons supplied CURE with a detailed list of surgical instruments including references to more than 30 vendors.  Due to successful past orders with Millennium Surgical, Mrs. Larsen confidently passed along the requirements.

Millennium took the time to organize and research the list, categorizing it into individual instruments and vendors.  The results were complied into a detailed workbook including information and pricing on more than 90% of the requested items.  For the instruments Millennium could not supply, the company provided advice on how to go about sourcing those items.  Millennium gave CURE International a solution to a considerably challenging project.  In addition to delivering efficient expertise, procurement costs were reduced without affecting clinical results.

In addition, Millennium recently donated a large assortment of surgical instruments to CURE International in hopes of benefitting surgeons, staff, and most importantly the children CURE International serves.

CURE International is the leading provider of specialty pediatric surgical care in the developing world, helping children who have little hope for the future due to curable physical disabilities.  By helping a child walk without crutches, repairing a smile or straightening a back, a life is changed.

CURE is training doctors and nurses so that quality care can be accessible to future generations.  We can help more children with each doctor we train, with the goal of eliminating lifelong disabilities caused by surgically treatable conditions.  Visit CURE International at

Robert Edelstein
Millennium Surgical Corp.

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