VENTURES AFRICA – Global search engine giant, Google, on Thursday, launched Google Maps Navigation for mobile users in Kenya, making driving to unfamiliar destinations easier.

Mobile phone users with Smartphones powered by Android 2.2 or newer and iOS 5.1 (and above) can take advantage of the new feature.

Other African nations newly benefiting from this product include Ghana, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, and Senegal.

Google Maps Navigation is a mobile application that comes as a feature of the Google Maps. It was built from the ground up as an Internet-connected GPS system, allowing users to search for their locations through voice recognition.

The app uses an internet connection to a GPS navigation system for turn-by-turn voice-guided instructions on how to arrive at a given destination.

With the turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation; users no longer have to look at their phone screen to follow the route; rather, they listen for indications.

In addition to offering address search, Google Navigation allows users to search for locations by their business names. It also present series of features including identifying landmarks along the route such as petrol stations, restaurants and parking areas.

Google’s navigation tool is regularly updated with the most recent data from Google Maps, which means users will not be required to purchase map upgrades or manually update their devices.

“Being connected to the Internet means you’re always using the latest data from Google Maps. You never need to buy map upgrades or manually update your device. Where traffic data is available, Navigation can even automatically route you around bad traffic,” Google said in a statement.

Interested users can get Google Maps Navigation, search for and download the newest release of ‘Google Maps’ in Google Play or the Apple App Store.