February 16, 2012

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The resignation of Cllr. Negbalee Warner as chair of the Board of Directors of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) would have faded away as the private affair it is, except that it has degenerated into allegation trading. Mr. Warner says he resigned to protest impropriety within the LPRC; but the board thinks he is covering up his double-dealings. Besides, it is putting up a challenge for proof of impropriety, if any. The Analyst, reports.

The 9-man LPRC Board of Directors says while it does not dispute that the company faces challenges, business impropriety is not part of the challenges, and that it was ready to undergo any scrutiny, audit, or investigation to prove it.

If there is any impropriety, the board says, it is likely to be that perpetrated by former board chair, Cllr. Negbaleee Warner, whom it accused of engagement in conflict of interest, but who claimed his resignation relates to the management of the Japanese Oil Grant and the Motherwell Contract and financial management.

The board said while it respected Mr. Warner’s right to resign, it was necessary to establish the truth in order for the government, the Liberian people, and Liberia’s economic partners to know that the LPRC board and management comprised individuals of integrity and honesty who are guided by love of country.

It then expressed its willingness and preparedness to prove that all of its transactions were in accord with established guidelines for inter-agency collaboration, procurement guidelines and procedures, bilateral protocols, and government policies.

The board notes, thus, in the concluding statements of the press statement it issued yesterday under the signature of its Secretary General, Mr. T. Nelson Williams:

The Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) stands ready to undergo any scrutiny, audit, or investigation of its operations and especially the allegations of the former Chairman of the Board, Counselor Negbalee Warner.

We invite the General Auditing Commission, the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission, the Ministry of Justice, and any other Concerned Agency to probe the validity of Counselor Warner’s allegations…Read more.