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By Konye Obaji Ori

July 27, 2011

Nigeria and Cameroon have drawn a draft agreement that seeks to protect human rights of their nationals and promote the exploitation of hydrocarbons along their border.

Nigirian President Goodluck Jonathan agreed at a recent Abuja meeting with Cameroonian Deputy Prime Minister Alhaji Amadou Ali that protection of human rights must be paramount.

“We (Nigeria) would set up a committee to consider the draft agreement,” Jonathan was quoted as having said.
Amadou Ali who represented Cameroon President Paul Biya at the meeting assured Jonathan that once the panel finished its work the document will be signed by both leaders.
The agreement was reached at the 23rd Session of the Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission (CNMC).
CNMC is made up of officials from Cameroon led by Amadou Ali and those from Nigeria led by Prince Bola Ajibola.
Nigeria and Cameroon also agreed to jointly address security problems facing both countries.
The draft agreement on security will also integrate neighbouring countries such as Niger, Chad and Togo in Nigeria’s war on terror and cross-border crimes.The CNMC, which was established in November, 2002, oversaw the demilitarisation of militarised zones during the two countries’ battle for the control of the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula, as well as the reactivation of the Lake Chad Basin Commission. The commission is now set to tackle economic plans and protect human rights for both Nigerians and Cameroonians.
Since December 2002, the commission, with the support of several donors including the European Union and the African Development Bank, has reached agreements on various development programmes along the border.